"When you are proud of what you do, and proud of where you work, you can concentrate on what's really important... building your future..."

Donna Magnuson

I have been employed at the Watrous Co-op for over 30 years. In that time I have seen a lot of positive changes for the Association and also the employees. The opportunities for training and advancement with in the system, along with the great benefit package for employees are reasons that I would recommend to others that Watrous Co-op is a great place to work!

Donna Jackson

I started working for the Watrous Co-op Association in 2001. My first position was in the old Gas Bar as the Evening supervisor. After a couple months I transferred to the Food Store. Since my move I have been the Produce Operator and the File Maintenance Clerk. During this time, I have watched our three locations flourish. Every year our customer base increase substantially, this must mean we are doing something very right. I feel the Watrous Co-op takes a real leadership role in being a Community Builder. We take part in and donate to many local foundations and fundraisers every year. This fact makes me feel proud to say I work at the Watrous Co-op. Between our three locations, we employee a fairly large staff which also makes us a real asset to our community, I feel that the Watrous Co-op is a very good place to work. I have enjoyed my years of employment in the association. We have an excellent benefit package which is a real plus for the employees. I look forward to many more years at the Watrous Co-op!

Chad Sivertson

I've have been working at the Watrous Co-op for the past 7 years. I left to take schooling and then came back to the Co-op. I enjoy working with people and the different challenges it presents. I'm currently trying to take more courses through the Co-op Retailing System, to further my Co-op career and to offer better customer service. My time with the Watrous Co-op has been a pleasant experience.

Taylor Engele

I started working at the Watrous Co-op in 2006 and continued to work here throughout all of high school. I enjoyed working at the Gas Bar So much that I came back the last 2 summers from university, and I may consider a career in management with the Co-op. I enjoy working here because of the people I work with. The Co-op is flexible around my Schedule and gives the opportunity for advancement if desired!

Murray Gordon

I enjoy working at the Watrous Co-op Gas Bar and Convenience Store because I am apart of a team that serves our community, and the many visitors that come here. When we provide good service one gets to enjoy tips, an annual bonus from our Co-op, plus benefits which includes a pension plan. I am looking forward to our new social committee which will enhance the team concept working here. I enjoy being on the committee and look forward to the events we have planned for our co-op employees.

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