Organizational Structure

One of the biggest differences between co-operatives and other types of business is the structure of the organization.

  • Elect the Board of Directors
  • Own the co-ops they serve
  • Participate in, promote and support the co-operatives
  • Approve bylaws
  • Attend annual and special membership meetings
  • Approve major policies initiated by the board
  • Volunteer labour, if and as required
Board of Directors
  • Elected by, and report to the members
  • Central purpose: to control the co-operative in accordance with its bylaws and the applicable legislation
  • Establishes the corporate mission, sets objectives and governs company policies
  • Appoint Delegates
  • Selects and directs the General Manager
  • Comprised of members who serve on a voluntary basis
  • Organized to assist the Board of Directors in planning and implementing policies
  • Committee members provide specific information and recommendations in such areas as education, finance, membership etc.
  • Each retail Co-op Board of Directors appoints delegates to represent their retail Co-op to FCL
  • Delegates participate in various district meetings, regional conferences, and FCL's annual meeting
  • Each delegate has one vote
General Manager
  • Hires the management and staff for his/her co-operative
  • Accountable to the Board of Directors
  • Responsible for the development of the co-operative and for reaching objectives as set by the Board
Department Managers
  • Ensure smooth operations within the co-operative they work for
  • Report to the General Manager
  • Report to Department Managers
  • Ensure smooth operations within the co-operative they work for

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